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   Praise for The Last Heath Hen  

“It's beautiful. I enjoyed reliving the hard, though necessary moments of that extinction.Vividly written and with a powerful conclusion.​"  


Christopher Cokinos, Author,  Hope Is the Thing with Feathers   

University of Arizona professor emeritus ​​



​“A story itself on the verge of extinction, this is a tale of environmental heroismand the struggle to save an iconic species, the Heath Hen. Fittingly, it is delivered into the hands of the next generation. May it succeed in conservation where prior ones have failed.”


Tom Chase, Founder/Executive Director, Village and Wilderness Project ​

“The Last Heath Hen is both engaging and informative. Having grown up as a child listening to my parents read me Thornton Burgess stories, the connectivity between Thornton Burgess and Dr. Alfred Gross was especially insightful. I was fascinated to learn that Thornton Burgess was with Dr. Gross when they trapped and banded the last living Heath Hen on Martha’s Vineyard.  It practically brought tears to my eyes!

Nicely done!  A wonderful read, and just as enjoyable for an adult as it should be for children.”  


Wayne Petersen, Director, Massachusetts Audubon Important Bird Area

Author, Massachusetts Birds

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