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Kudos & Thanks!

Phyllis Nordstrom, Nina Spaziani and Jody McNamara

The first THANKS on my wonderful newly designed website must go to Phyllis Nordstrom. We’ve been working for months to gather and present the information I feel best shares my world and walk as a writer. (Her web design talent and technical resources are nearly matched – thank God! - by her patience). Thank you, Phyllis, for delivering this enhanced new version of the site I first created in 2013 when Nature’s Ambassador came out. And thanks again to Nina Spaziani of Falmouth, who lived on a boat as I recall, and to Jody McNamara, both of whose true vision and creative abilities laid the foundation for this endeavor.

Michael Berndt

When you see his artistry in my upcoming book, The Last Heath Hen, you will understand why I'm hard-pressed to say thank you adequately. Thank you, Mike, for seeing what I saw and would never in a lifetime be able to replicate in a painting as you did. You just got better and better. How you saw the inside of a hunting blind exactly the way I did, I'll never know. Thank you for being marvelous to work with: flexible, accommodating, and talented.  Thank you for helping me share a vitally important conservation story with children, adults, the world.

David and Rob Lowrance

Happy birthday, dear sons! KUDOS for all you have accomplished in your good lives, and THANKS for being the wonderful human beings you both are. If I had a dollar for every laugh we've shared, I'd be a very wealthy woman. It's a joy to be your mother, and I wish you both every good thing in this, your birthday month. 

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