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The Legacy of Thornton W. Burgess

Christie Palmer Lowrance
Christie Palmer Lowrance


"Thornton Burgess repeatedly employed the device of putting arguments for conservation into the mouths of his animal characters. [Dr. William T.] Hornaday himself credited Burgess’ writings with essential help in passing the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act. ‘You can always have the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed substantially to these grand results,” wrote a grateful Hornaday to Burgess (p. 153). [note: Dr. William T. Hornaday was the director of the New York Zoological Society and a powerful early 20th century conservation activist.]


‘The most valuable part of Lowrance’s informative volume is learning about Thornton Burgess’ collaborations with scientists and conservationists. These collaborations tie together sentimental fiction and hardheaded scientific conservation"


KEVIN ARMITAGE, Environmental History Journal, October 2014

About Christie

For 40 years, Christie Palmer Lowrance has passionately pursued her writing career as a journalist, freelance and travel writer, biographer, instructor, and editor/consultant. Her work covers diverse subjects primarily related to Cape Cod's historical, artistic, literary, and commercial life. She has taught writing at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Cape Cod Community College, and the Cape Cod Writers Conference.


Ms. Lowrance is the author of Nature’s Ambassador: The Legacy of Thornton W. Burgess, a 320-page biography published in 2013  by Schiffer Publishing. Her book is the first complete biography of the preeminent 20th century naturalist, wildlife advocate,  children’s author, and pioneer in environmental education and radio programming. ​


She holds a B.A. (English) from Hobart & William Smith Colleges and an M.A. (Professional Writing) from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Her thesis is titled “A Study in Issues: Shipwreck Preservation and Management,” which focuses extensively on the work of Dr. George F. Bass, widely known as "the father of underwater archaeology," and of deep sea explorer Dr. Robert Ballard, who located the Titanic and other iconic shipwrecks. She interviewed many other nautical and maritime specialists for her research.​

​At present she is writing the biography of Dr. George Bass, a pioneer in the field of nautical archaeology, founder of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology in College Station, TX and Bodrum, Turkey, and professor emeritus at Texas A&M University.

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Christie Palmer Lowrance

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Christie hosts a monthly meeting (2nd Wednesday) of the Sandwich Arts Alliance Literary group’s “Writers Networking.” Discussion of broad range of writerly interests: what we’re working on, what we’re working toward, how we create dialogue, how we deal with audience (…e.g. how Terri Arthur changed audiences when adapting an adult book for a children’s book); what the great William Zinsser thinks about creating unity in writing, etc. 

“I didn’t know what to expect when Christie Lowrance invited me to join her newly formed Writers Networking group,” says novelist Terri Arthur.  “Christie has been an expert moderator for the group. She encourages people to discuss their thoughts and experiences and is always ready to share some new information that guides our thinking in a new direction.”



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